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updates january 2016:

i am finally embarking on my next level of teacher’s training. yeah! i am studying with Sheila Haswell in High Wycomb. so much to learn. so happy to be on this new journey! thank you to all the students who are my teachers. 🙂


here we go…..

I came to Iyengar yoga after practicing other forms of yoga while I was teaching at Pure Yoga Hong Kong. having taught yoga there for a few years, i had a some injuries but didn’t really know how to repair my own body. Iyengar yoga was totally different than all the types I was used to practicing and teaching. Linda Shevloff was teaching Iyengar yoga at her studio and I was very intrigued with the alignment and the use of various props. It didn’t take long before I was hooked! slowly I shifted all my own practice time to the Iyengar Yoga studio of Hong Kong.  i vividly remember Linda saying to me “what are you doing with you arm way passed your shoulder socket in utithita trikonasan???” it hadn’t occurred to me that in this (asana) pose, the arm is meant to extend straight from the shoulder socket. not way back. this was an “ah-ha” moment.

Iyengar yoga is for me. my dear friend Gita said to me “Helena, Iyengar yoga is your thing!” and she was right. Iyengar Yoga just works for me. the cerebral part of me. the secret architect in me. a student from Hong Kong said to me “were you denied toys as a child or secretly an architect?” i would search around  their home for furniture, cushions, walls, elevator lobbies and anything to build supports for the student to take the pose safely and for longer periods of time.

i live in the southampton area of the UK at present. and i belong to the Iyengar Yoga Association of the UK. as well as the Dorset and Hampshire Iyengar Yoga Institute.

i am listed in both the Iyengar Yoga UK and Dorset and Hampshire Iyengar Yoga Association websites:



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